About us!

Bombace's staff, knowledgable and ready to help you with your selections!

I would like to welcome you to our store in the fastest growing community in New York, Farmington! 
We are so fortunate to be able to provide the area with what many customers call "My Liquor Store!". 
Liquor stores of the past have been replaced with "Wine & Spirit" stores of today.  Wine consumption is at an all time high and the selection and styles available confirms this trend.   Wine is delicious, fun, romantic and proven to be a healthy part of your diet when consumed in moderation.  What a great idea! 
Spirits continuously are evolving with new product additions and creative taste profiles.  I wonder what the cowboys of the wild west would think if they were to see the products on the shelves of our store?  We have come a long way from very bad tasting whiskey!

Bombace Wine & Spirits specializes in providing a unique atmosphere with an easy to shop store layout, making what your looking for easy to find.   We are known for our wine and spirit expertise,  award winning New York Wine room,  tastings and seminars,  $5.99 room,  and low competitive prices on both wine and spirits.

So stop in and say hi and shop around.  You will find when you walk into the door that this is one friendly place!

Don Bombace

Luke is truly a customers best friend when it comes to service and product knowledge.  Luke also is responsible for most of the product line up you see on our shelves as you shop around.  His love for wine and friendly personality make him a perfect asset to our customers and employees.  
                                                                    Luke Jensen Store Manager

                                                                            Howie - Customer Service                                                   

Stephanie - customer service
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